magda2954 asked: Hello I'm Magda and I was wondering if I could get a Joe Sugg imagine, please? :D btw your blog is incredible! :)

This was strange. you were sitting on the couch and looking at your boyfriend how was getting ready to film his video. You always thought that it would be fun to date your favorite youtuber but you could never imagine that it would actually happen. And now here you were sitting your boyfriends Joe Suggs  house watching him get ready for another video. But now your were at the other side of the screen. You saw the before and after. You saw all the mistakes he made and didn’t put in the video. You were so happy to be with him. He made you smile and laugh like no other. You weren’t sure if he even realized how he had changed your life. 

Joe put the camera in place and now was focusing it, he looked over at you and you were smiling.

"What is it Mag?" he smiled as well. you snapped out of your thoughts and looked at him. 

"oh nothing just thinking." 

"about what?" he asked sitting next to you. 

"us" you said smiling.

"by your smile i’m guessing it’s something good." 

"Yeah, you’re right" he looked at you smiled and gave you a kiss. And like always his kisses have you tingles all over your body. It was amazing how he made you feel. 

P.S. Sorry for making it so late. I was really busy and wasn’t able to get to my tumbler count to make imagines 

mistressmalfoydarling asked: Hello, my name is Lydia, and I was wondering if I could have a personal one-shot with Jack Harries? Can it be where he proposes to me live at Playlist Live in front of all the youtubers (our friends) and the crowd?

Sure, and I love your name. :) 


 Jack Harries Imagine 

It was a nice day at Playlist Live. You had just woken up from a great sleep and was almost ready when the door opened and a mass of people walked in. You just looked at them smiling. You already expected them to come but today they were later then usual. Everyone sat on your and jacks bed, but the girl hugged you. You looked back at Sam who was your best guy friend. He looked at you and said


"Really Sam? Not even a hug or anything?"  he then jumped up and gave you a big hug lifting you up. You laughed out loud. 

"Hey,mate. Leave my girl alone." Jack said coming in the room. 

"Maybe you forgot but she’s my best friend" 

"Yeah, but she’s my girlfriend so i win. HA" Jack said and took your hand leading you out of the room. 

For the next few hours it was just you and at some point some of your friends came with you. They all were YouTubers so they were busy. Jack was even more busy, he told you that you two might even only see each other this evening. It was sad and you were lonely, but you were happy your your boyfriends and his brothers successes. 

You got a text from Zoe 

Come to the mane stage…

and so you went there. The room was full with people you thought you weren’t gonna find Zoe so you texted her.

Where are you? 

At the right side of the stage

When you got to the side you found Zoe, Alfie, Sam and many more people there.

" What’s going on?"  you asked confused.

"You’ll see" said Sam. 

You looked up at the stage and saw Jack and Finn walk out. Everyone screamed and so did you, Jack looked at you and winked. You felt butterflys.

"Hello everyone." Finn started. They both talked and laughed when Finn said. "Well Jack I think it’s time." Jack looked down then at you.

"OKay. Everyone you must already know about my beautiful girlfriend Lydia. She is the center of my world. I love her very much. We’ve been together for a long time and even before we got together it felt like we were. I remember I had to beg her to go on a date with me and finally after 5 times of asking she said yes. And now I want to ask her another question." Jack walked off the stage up to you. "Lydia? I love you very much. And i don’t care how many times you make me ask it, i will beg you until you say yes. Lydia will you marry me…please?"  Jack got on one knee and the room went silent. Everyone was looking at you waiting for your answer. You looked back at all your friends they all were smiling but all you saw was Sam. You looked into his eyes hoping to find an answer. All your life he had helped you make dissensions. He knew what you were looking for. 

"It’s all you this time." He said smiling. You looked at Jack, his eyes were begging for an answer and you gave him one. 

"Yes" you said smiling. Jack breathed in relief. He got up and kissed you that’s when the whole room was filled with yelling and clapping. 

smiles-and-sunrises asked: Hi can I pretty please have a imagine about Finn and I first kiss? I'm Ash. And btw your blog is absolutely amazing. Thank you :)

You and Finn were sitting at bus stop. Finn was going home after spending the whole day with you. You really liked him, but had no idea what he felt for you. A little part of your brain was saying he might like you back, cuz he would be putting his hand around you. Patting your leg holding it and just being sweet. It was few more minutes till his bus. 

"I hope it’s not the small bus"

"Why not?"

"It’ll be very full." 

"That’s okay. You’ll be warm." you laughed

"yeah, right." he said pulling you closer to you. He looked up and saw his buss was coming closer. 

"Well, that’s my bus." he got up taking you with him. You hugged him hard and you pulled back he leaned in for a kiss. You two kissed when you pulled away and said 

"You’ll miss your bus"

"No it’ll be fine." Finn said and pulled you back into the kiss. Few seconds later he pulled back 

"I should go now." he left for the bus and you walked home with a big smile on your face, but your mind was wondering what was going to happen now. Will he call you? Will he ever talk to you? Will you two be together?  

That was something time was going to show. 

What he loves about you. (J/F)

Jack Harries: 

He loves how you laugh. He finds it the most amazing sound ever. He can’t live without you even a day, because he misses you crazy ideas. Jack loves that fact you have a great relationship with his family especially Finn, his brother. But the things he loves the most is that you two could just be laying in bed not talking but still have the best time of your life. When he’s with you time goes buy faster then he could imagine. He loves every inch of you. 

Finn Harries: 

He loved your smile. Every time you smile he takes a picture. He doesn’t want to miss a single moment of your beautiful smile. Fin loves how he could talk about you to his family for hours and they wouldn’t mind, cuz they love you just as much as Finn does. The thing he loves the most is that you come up with the most exciting things ever making him step out of his comfort zone. But his favorite moments ever are the ones where you two take long night walks, where you talk about anything and even if you don’t talk it’s still amazing. 

callescorner asked: Haha i don't know if I've told you this before but well, here I go, I love your blog! :D

:D Thank you. :) it’s always nice to know someone likes it. It makes my day better